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What kind of massages should you get in Bangkok?

Bangkok, in Thailand, has for a long time been the city of good times from a cheeky point of view. People from all over the world visit this mischievous place to unwind and as a getaway from the orders of the society. Famous for its nuru and tantra massages in Bangkok is rightfully called the ‘Sin City of Asia’ for its vibrant street life and notorious sex tourism. First of all, let’s get you familiar with nuru massages. Nuru massages are a sensuous kind of massage provided by a female masseuse using her naked body. A special gel called a Nuru gel which comes from Japanese culture (nuru means slippery) contains nori seaweed extract. This extract results in the gel having:

  • Hydrating and rejuvenating properties for the skin.
  • Being odourless, colourless and basically tasteless.
  • Preference over oil or lotions due to the delightful slipperiness.
  • Enhanced smoothness as her naked body slips against yours.

What are tantra massages?

Tantra massages, on the other hand, massage that aim at sexual release and employs arousing the client sexually. So, why these are called ‘tantra massages’ and not erotic massages? Well, the massages may focus on the erogenous zones of the body only, but the principle is one related to primordial spirituality. Ancient scriptures list the kinds of meditation that can awaken your senses and you catch a glimpse of something beyond this ephemeral world. One such kind of meditation is through caressing and sensuous touching. Tantra massages use the sensation of touch to channel sexual energies around the body, and the vigorous flow of such energy leads the person to orgasm. Nuru and tantra massage in Bangkok are also used as forms of medical therapy for a variety of problems including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and low libido.

Tantra Massage Bangkok

Nature of these massages

Where Nuru massages are for the attainment of pleasure, tantra massages are mostly sought for the attainment of a meditative state. Tantra massages require an extensive training on the part of the masseuse as it deals with the union of yin-yang energies. Yin energy causes relaxation of the body and mind whereas yang energy causes stimulation of the erogenous zones. Nuru masseuses are usually required to be an attractive female, and the cost of the massages depends upon the girls. Regular Nuru massages cost around 1000-2000 bahts, but there are even higher prices for some naughty extra services. For multiple girls, the prices for each of the girls add up.  Nuru and tantra massage in Bangkok can be done with singular or multiple masseuses. However, Nuru massages employ female masseuses only.

Legality of the massages

The legal situation regarding nuru and tantra massage in Bangkok is quite flexible as the locals do not encourage such massages for themselves, but it is perfectly legal for visitors or foreigners to get one. In fact, MasterCard rated Bangkok as the most visited city in the world in the year 2013 when the massage industry almost tripled their revenues. All in all, Nuru and tantra massage are unique, almost taboo experiences that have put Bangkok on the map of the world.


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