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About Mona

Like most other call girls in Thailand, Mona here is also a born Thai girl who is currently working for a part-time call girl as well. The reason is pretty obvious. Most of these call girls want a side job that pays them some good amount of money apart from their normal jobs as well. Not to mention that Mona here is a VIP escort, not just an ordinary one. And there are lots of perks of getting such an escort as well. You will get to know of those advantages right here.

Why Attractive?

The first thing that you will immediately notice about Mona is her beautiful face. Most Thai call girls are really good to look at. Mona is no exception either since she has both a pretty face and an attractive, voluptuous body to go along with it as well. Isn't that just the most perfect combination that a man can ask for, in his woman? On top of that, she is a great conversation maker as well. So you will never feel awkward with her at any given point in time.

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As far as her bed skills are concerned, it is parallel to none other. That is what it means to be a Bangkok VIP escort. It's not just everyday escort service. These escorts are the best of the best and have perfected the art of pleasing their client in every way possible. The sheer pleasure you will get is something that you have never quite experienced before. That is what makes them so special. It is worth every extra penny.


And because of her VIP status, you can also feel free to try all sorts of new and kinky ways to have sex. Let yourself lose and feel free to experiment as much as you want. Being a Bangkok VIP escort, you won't be disappointed because there is nothing she will say no to. You can let go of all of your inner instincts and try out everything that you have ever wanted to try with her in bed. She will make sure that your experience is amplified as much as possible.

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