The first thing you should know about your escort is that – she is an easy. She is not your honey or the mother of your children; she’s not there to bring you a hot chicken soup when you are feeling under the weather or take your mother to lunch. But she will give you one hell of a night and probably help you relax than you ever have in your entire life.

She’s not a slave though or someone you come to in order to release your wildest frustrations; she is a woman that will make you see the stars but then leave after you do. She is not to be hurt, humiliated or maltreated (unless you are into fetish escorts, and your pre-approved agreement validates your needs). It works for everyone and it’s the best arrangement possible.

Pleasure and Self-esteem

While one may argue whether paying an escort to bring you pleasure is a healthy thing to do in terms of one’s emotional and psychological reflection as well as their later ability to build a relationship with a non-paying woman, rarely any man thinks of it that way. To men – women they pay are pure pleasure. No man ever will feel rejected or ugly, not lean enough, not successful enough, or feel like a failure or not a good lover with a woman who is paid to make him feel like the God of love and skill. For this reason, men will choose their lovely woman to keep them company and rebuild their alpha back.

For those who live in Europe, great news is that Russian escorts are regarded as the finest type of paid pleasure you can get. Most of them are cultured, educated and charming so you’ll be getting a kick out of that, too – not just their fine looks. Even though Western European escorts are known for having a bit classier array of choices, there are customers who are specifically targeting that type of aesthetics – and that’s okay.

The Affirmation

Being with an escort who knows what she’s doing works like magic on a man’s self-esteem, his sense of importance and affirmation (that he’s worthy of a spectacularly hot woman). To a man, this is a grandiose ego boost that will keep his head high and his sense of (emotional) fulfillment in check. The reason most men turn to escorts even when they are married (for x years) is because they need to feel important again.

Regular relationships have an operating mechanism that can turn into boring; women who humiliate their partners often reminding them they aren’t half the man they’ve expected them to be cause them to feel weak, irritable, bad and – ultimately – sad. In turn, they are not only losing the emotional connection with their partner but they too are experiencing a decline in sexual desire towards that partner or any other woman. Escorts are a stress-free zone; they are women that come with no commitment but only pleasure. And this is why they’re the best option for men who need to feel powerful again. 

For men who love women of various ethnicities, ebony escorts and Bangkok escorts are a popular choice.

The Practicality

The hectic world we live in leaves very little time for dating, courting, waiting on and – ultimately - emotionally connecting with people. Stretched between two (sometimes three) jobs, men have no patience for hard-to-get games or repeated date cancellations. To a degree, this is understandable and expected. Some men practice hiring one and the same escort (usually a woman they’ve been with on several occasions) for safety, “guaranteed pleasure” and habit. Others like to go nuts in their choices, switching between their options in the escort market; some are not ashamed (and why should they be?) to channel their obsessions with ladyboy escorts or stay true to missionary. After all, they’ve paid for it.

No Failure

With the above said, it’s easy to conclude that the safest way to a woman’s crotch is by hiring an escort. While time and emotional investment in a woman you like may end in her keeping her legs closed for business for while (and lead you to immense frustration), an escort is there whenever you want her. On top of it, she won’t play all innocent to things she likes or has tried before - adult store pleasantries like lubes, cuffs, massagers and all other toys will only increase the pleasure in your “escort relationship”, so be free to run wild. Enjoy it!

Peter is a dating writer at High Style Life magazine from UK and AU. Beside writing he worked as a stylist for many fashion events around UK & AU! Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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